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What is better than a long bath after a stressful day?

These CBD Bath Bombs will be your best ally through tough times whether it be a difficult day of work, a long day on your feet, a muscle or joint injury, or trouble falling asleep. Each bomb features 50 milligrams of Colorado-grown full-spectrum CBD and combines a unique blend of essential oils to ignite a special vibe in your bathtub:


CHILL (lavender + chamomile) is beautiful for sleep, tranquility, and frazzled nerves. 


DETOX (citrus + wild rose) remineralizes the body for a clean, cooling, and alkaline state. 


REVIVE (eucalyptus + wintergreen) mentally and physically refreshes, clears sinuses, and soothes achy muscles due to cold/flu or post-workout. 


These make a thoughtful gift or a good excuse to treat yourself. Each 2.5" bomb comes packaged in a muslin bag that can be reused for big batches of herbal tea, a laundry sachet, or to fill with epsom salts for more bathtime!


Other beneficial ingredients: 

- Coconut Oil - hydrates and rejuvenates for all skin types.

- Citric Acid - improves nutrient absorption and evens skin tone.

- Baking Soda - mildly exfoliates and cleans the skin. 

- Epsom Salts - aids in muscle relaxation, stiff joints, and detoxification. 



CBD Bath Bomb

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$14.40every month until canceled
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This product arrives in your mailbox once per year.
$16.00every year until canceled
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