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High in antioxidants, potassium, flavonoids, vitamins C and A, elderberries offer a host of health and nutritional benefits. Its antiviral and immune-boosting effects make it especially helpful in fighting winter illnesses like cold and flu. It is also an anti-inflammatory herb, which can aid in digestive and heart health, as well as help maintain healthy sinuses.

This is an alcohol extraction tincture made with elderberries that have been grown chemical-free in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It was made using 120 proof grain alcohol and contains approximately 50% alcohol.

Available in 1 oz and 4 oz glass dropper bottles.

Suggested dose is 2-6 dropperfuls, 3 times per day. One dropperful is 1 squeeze of the rubber bulb regardless of the size of the glass part. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Please consult a physician or other healthcare professional regarding any medical or health-related diagnosis or treatment options.

Elderberry Tincture

  • 120 proof grain alcohol, elderberries (sambucas nigra). 

  • Store in a cool, dry, and dark place such as a cabinet. Tinctures have a very long shelf life due to their high alcohol content, but we recommend using yours within two years for the highest nutrient benefit. 

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