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​   Mary C. ~ Green Rescue

    "This product is great, especially in the winter time when my skin is dry. I apply it at night before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning my elbows and feet are soft and healed from the dryness. Also my hands from applying the product. I recommend this to anyone who has dry skin. I also recommend others to use this shop because the products are very good."

Lauren S. ~ Skin Serum

    "I just purchased my 8th bottle of this. I cannot say enough good things!! The quality of the serum is incredible. I only use it once a day, right before bed, and it keeps my dry skin so well moisturized throughout the day!!"

Sahlert1 ~ Warming Balm

   "A friend gave me this balm as a gift after my knee surgery and I liked it for soothing the pain. Good for the skin as well. Reordered as soon as I ran out and delivery was great."

Kate G. ~ Lemony Love lip balm

  "The fussy kid in my life loves the great texture and flavor!"

DSC_0159 - Edited.jpg

PhyllislnLB ~ Sun Block

   "I have tried several different sun blocks and this is my favorite. Stays at a nice consistency, while some are temperature sensitive and get too hard or runny. Rubs in easily, no casper look. Dispenser is nice, nothing gets stuck under your fingernails. And great customer service. : )"

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