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Wrap your herbal goodies up in this special kraft gift box. Filled with recycled kraft shred, tied up with love, and adorned with a hand-stamped card from Joy Designs by Jo Ann.


Here are a few gift set ideas. Prices include the gift box...


1. Wilderness Kit ($31.50) - 1-ounce Shoo Fly Spray, Sunblock, Lemony Love Lip Balm, 1/2-ounce Green Rescue. 


2. Lavender Love ($51.50) - Lavender Whipped Tallow Butter, Lavender Lip Balm, Chill CBD Bath Bomb


3. The Basics: great for guys ($53.50) - 2-ounce Green Rescue, Unscented Whipped Tallow Butter, Mountain Mint Lip Balm.  


4. The Crowd Pleaser: all of our bestsellers in one box ($69.50) - 2-ounce Green Rescue, Whipped Tallow Butter, Eye Opener, Lip Balm. 


5. Radiant Glow Kit ($81, includes free shipping!) - Whipped Tallow Butter, mini Skin Serum, Liquid Glow, Eye Opener. 



Gift Box

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