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This facial cleansing oil deeply cleanses the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. It helps to restore the skin’s natural balance, adds suppleness, and imparts a vibrant glow.


It has a light texture that absorbs quickly and provides plenty of slip so that it doesn’t pull on the skin as it is applied. A light floral (ylang-ylang) and citrus (lemon) scent refreshes the senses and provides further brightening benefits.


The oils inside (sunflower, marula, and sea buckthorn) have been carefully chosen with all skin types in mind…


For acneic skin: Liquid Glow pulls problematic oil and bacteria from the pores and replenishes with vitamins, minerals, and beneficial nutrients.


For mature skin: fatty acids plump the skin up, and amino acids smooth, hydrate, and provide anti-aging benefits.


For dry skin: oleic acid and fatty acids offer a deep well for thirsty skin, soothing itchiness and quenching parched skin.




Instructions for use: use just as you would any facial cleanser- wet face, massage onto the skin, and rinse. Some oil may remain, adding a soft glow and acting as a moisturizer. If you prefer a more “matte” look to your face, use this product at night. For a deeper treatment, follow up with additional Liquid Glow. You may initially experience breakouts or additional flare-ups as you start oil cleansing. As the skin purges old oil and new oil replaces it, it undergoes a renewal phase that may last up to a month. Stick with it, you'll be glowing soon!



Also use Liquid Glow for: under-eye treatment, chapped lips, after-sun repair, makeup remover, and spot treatment for blemishes.




What is oil cleansing?

This time-tested practice is one with the skin’s best interest in mind. Oil cleansing it the act of washing your face with plant-derived oils or animal fats, replacing conventional soap or medicated cleansers with a gentler and more effective remedy.


It may seem counterproductive to wash your face with oil, but adding beneficial oils and fats is the most therapeutic thing you can do for your skin. This is based on the fundamental chemical principle that oil fights oil…


We may believe that it is best to remove all oil from the skin, suspecting that oily skin is the culprit to problematic skin. However, what happens when we use drying products like soap, alcohol-based toners, and medicated cleansers, is the skin then works overtime to balance itself out and causes more harm than good to irritated skin. Washing with an oil-based cleanser replenishes beneficial oils, pulls out harmful oils, and makes for a more purposeful long-term solution.

Liquid Glow

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$19.80every 2 months until canceled
  • Sunflower Oil*, Marula Oil*, Sea Buckthorn Oil*, Vitamin E Oil, Essential Oils of Ylang-Ylang* and Lemon*.  *Organic 

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