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This clean, organic, mineral-based deodorant is formulated to prevent odor for up to 24 hours, and it goes on like a dream! Feel fresh naturally with odor-absorbing minerals and skin-soothing oils.


✔️ no sting

✔️ non-greasy

✔️ aluminum free

✔️ phthalate-free

✔️ allergen-free (no soy, gluten, tree nuts, dairy).

✔️ gentle for sensitive skin


Ingredients: arrowroot powder*, food grade magnesium hydroxide, extra virgin coconut oil*, jojoba oil, local beeswax, vegetable glycerin (non-GMO & soy-free)*, vitamin E oil.  *organic




Note: this is a deodorant, not an antiperspirant. It takes a big load of synthetic ingredients to halt the sweat from releasing out of the body, and this can do some major damage. The body is designed to sweat out what it doesn’t need, and altering that function creates a buildup of toxins inside the body. Sweat it out!




If you chose to make the switch to an all-natural deodorant, it might take a minute for your body to adjust. You may experience an increase in stinkiness in the first few weeks, but the payoff of not using harsh chemicals will be well worth it!

Mineral Deodorant Cream

Price Options
Monthly Subscription
This product arrives in your mailbox every month.
$12.60every month until canceled
Bi Monthly
This product arrives in your mailbox every other month.
$12.60every 2 months until canceled
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